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Social Media Update 2014

In a new survey conducted in September 2014, the Pew Research Center finds that Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site. While its growth has slowed, the level buy followers on instagram of user engagement with the platform has increased. Other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn saw significant increases over the past year in the proportion of online adults who now use their sites. The results in this report are based on American adults who use the internet.1 Other key findings:

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Social Media Statistics You Need to Know to Target Your Audience Better

Are teenagers leaving Facebook? Do users over 65 make up the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter? And, most importantly, why should you care about these social media statistics? buy instagram followers Besides the curiosity factor of the shifts in social media network populations, research on the subject is invaluable in helping social media managers shape a successful social media marketing strategy. Knowing the user base of various social media networks can help you target potential customers in a much more efficient manner.

Twitter Power

Twitter ranks higher than facebook when it comes to marketers trying to engage with buyers. Salesforce’s survey showed that 79% of Twitter users engage customers on the platform, more than Facebook’s 74%. Although 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted but still, the effects of Twitter on Social Media marketing is huge as it is the largest online community and the best option for buy followers on instagram app customer support, direct customer communication, quick engagement and prolonged activity in business. Twitter also provides one powerful module where business can analyze their each tweet’s engagement & impression ratio and its called Twitter Analytics.




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